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I started doing the movie action seminars because I felt the profession I had operated in for so many years on movies made all over the world, was simply not being passed on in any reliable way to future generations of film makers.

When I decided to write the initial version of my *book, it was simply in order to have some sort of written document to give to people who attended my movie action seminars. To give them something that they could take away to go back and remind themselves of all the points gone over. As I started writing, I found it naturally expanded itself into a far greater volume of information. I feel now it is something that works equally as well accompanying the seminars or as a stand alone document of useful information for the action movie maker.

*Action Movie Maker's       Handbook 

In his book, Andy Armstrong opens up his knowledge gained designing, coordinating and directing action on some of the largest and most successful action movies of the last four decades. Fire, water, high falls, fight scenes, vehicle chases, car crashes, on set safety and systems for success are just a few of the subjects covered in his action movie making guide. Andy Armstrong's book is the first complete instruction manual for anyone serious about making action movies, written by someone who has done just that to extreme success for over four decades.  

About Andy Armstrong

Andy enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks, eventually becoming one of the youngest and highest paid first Assistant Directors in the World.  Andy specialized particularly in very large international productions that involved complex, dangerous and logistically difficult stunts and action sequences including three of the largest James Bond films, "The Man With the Golden Gun," "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker." From 1973 to 1987 Andy worked as an Assistant Director on more than 70 International Movies. As First Assistant Director, Andy’s credits include, among many others, several Oscar Nominated Movies.

 One of Andy’s early big breaks occurred at the young age of 28, when he was asked to take over Directing the Second Unit of the hugely successful International hit movie “Highlander”, now considered a cult classic.  Andy’s work is typified by the huge (twelve hundred people) Teamster battle in Hoffa (click link for Andy's on set footage), the (fourteen hundred people) charge and battles in Stargate; the action on Galaxy Quest, the World War One Battle Scenes for Oscar Winner Frank Pearson’s TV Movie Truman, and the huge battles in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes (click link for Andy's Interview), the action sequences on Scooby Doo 2, Cat Woman, I Robot, and Eragon the now iconic Music Videos, Metallica’s “I Disappear” and Sheryl Crow’s “Steve McQueen” as well as many TV series episodes for Jerry Bruckheimer TV and Warner Brothers  TV.

Recently, Andy and his brother Vic teamed up with Andy’s Son, James, Vic’s Son, Scott, Vic’s Wife, Wendy and Vic’s Daughter, Georgina to design, direct, coordinate and perform the action on Sony’s “The Green Hornet” (click link for interviews and behind the scenes footage). During the making of “The Green Hornet” James, Scott and Andy himself each performed huge, innovative and spectacular vehicle stunts together in one breathtaking car chase.

The family once again teamed up to bring Marvel’s epic Norse Warrior, “Thor", starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins, to the big screen. This was immediately followed by the commission to design, choreograph and shoot huge additional battle sequences for the Nicholas Cage crusades movie, “Season of the Witch” and then the family of Armstrong Action were together once again to entirely reinvent the whole style of action for “The Amazing Spiderman” and the next chapter of adventures for the webbed crusader, “The Amazing Spiderman 2” for Sony Studios. Andy also designed the action for a huge travelling live arena show, “Marvel Universe Live” which began touring June 2014 and designed and directed the action sequences of the largest budget Bollywood action movie ever been made, Fox Star’s “Bang Bang”.

Columbia University's School of the Arts, The New York Film Academy and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are a few of the prestigious venues that have hosted Andy's lectures on the art of action in movie making to great reception.

"I Disappear" Metallica Music Video 

Andy worked with Metallica and legendary music video Director Wayne Isham to design action that intensified the power of Metallica's lyrics for the "I Disappear" music video.

Adam Howard

Visual Effects Supervisor~Artist

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For select lectures, Adam Howard  has teamed up with Andy Armstrong to bring a complete look at the essential connection between action and visual effects in motion pictures and television .  Andy and Adam are also available as a consulting team to asses the most cost effective way to use the combination of real life action and visual effects to any project.

Adam Howard is an award-winning visual effects supervisor with more than three decades in the feature film and television industry. Credited with over 130 movies, such as Birdman, The Social Network, Unknown, Rush Hour 3, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Armageddon and Titanic as well as the special venue ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Adam was honored with four Prime Time Emmy Awards (and has been nominated nine times) for his visual effects work on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise. Adam has provided on set supervision throughout international locations, generated bids on multi-million dollar productions and has forged strong relationships with directors, film studios, post production companies and visual effects facilities all over the world.

Jennifer Caputo

Stunt Performer~Actress~Producer

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Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong's aim has always been to be seen and regarded as not only a stunt woman, but as a professional stunt
specialist, capable of coordinating, performing and rigging as an equal to any stunt performer.  She brings her passion to support and encourage young women as well as an extensive professional knowledge base to collaborate with Andy Armstrong and other speakers in the Defining Movie Action Lecture Series. 

Over the past 20 years Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong has been involved with coordinating, performing and rigging of huge stunts in numerous studio block buster movies such as “The Green Hornet”, “Thor”, “Season of the Witch” and “The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2”.  Most recently, on the internationally successful, blockbuster Bollywood movie “Bang Bang”, Jennifer was in charge of the entire complex rigging as well as co-coordinating stunt performers from India, USA, England, France and Iran. 

Jennifer is the only stunt woman working in the professional capacity of chief rigger on large, international and studio movies. She works regularly in this capacity with Armstrong Action.

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         Click below to see Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong in action including her spectacular, high speed pipe ramp crash in the desert of Abu Dhabi for 'Bang, Bang!'

 See Andy's spectacular crash as well as interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage with the Armstrong Action Team on 'The Green Hornet.'

Marvel Universe LIVE!

In 2014, Andy Armstrong worked on the travelling show, Marvel Universe LIVE. Working with the show's Director, Shanda Sawyer, Andy designed all of the action to give each Marvel super hero character in the show their own totally unique, iconic action moves, enhancing each character's  special abilities and personality as well as the exciting story line!

Andy Armstrong has worked in 44 countries on six of the world's seven continents 

US~Canada~Mexico~England~Scotland~Ireland~Wales~France~Austria~Holland~Italy~Switzerland~Denmark~Norway~Czech Republic~ Croatia~Serbia~Bosnia~Herzegovina~Slovenia~Montenegro~Lithuania~Malta~Majorca~Israel~Egypt~ Brazil~Argentina~Paraguay~New Zealand~Australia~Canary Islands~Cayman Islands~Dominican Republic~China~ Borneo~Singapore~Hungary~ Hong              Kong~India~Japan~United Arab Emirates~Puerta Rico