Defining Movie Action      Lecture Series

with Andy Armstrong

Design and execution techniques of creating action in movies

Andy Armstrong (right) directing Andrew Garfield (left) and Emma Stone (center) on The Amazing Spiderman 2

Some of the topics covered in the Defining Movie Action Lecture Series

Andy's lecture includes exclusivevideo clips from movies that he had worked on as well as guest speakers and audience discussion throughout the lecture

  • Breaking down scripts & designing story and character appropriate action 

  •  Use and integration of visual effects with real life action

  •  Assessing danger and safety

  • The Process of Choreography and rehearsal

  • Evaluating and creating signature action pieces

  • Choosing an appropriate action team

  • On Set protocol and discipline

  • Setting up Systems to Operate in movie action

  • Dealing with accidents, mishaps and injury

  • Understanding the history of action and how it relates to action today

  • Interacting with other departments involved in movie production

  • Building trust and structure in the action team

  • Choosing the right action creator for your project
  • Choosing the right entertainment vocation and profession for yourself

  • How to develop your career for longevity not just a job for one movie

  • Building your Network

  • Visual Effects with Adam Howard (On Select Lectures)

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Lecture Video Clip 

'Researching the History of Action'

Who can benefit from Andy's lecture?

Whether you are an aspiring student or a professional, this unique lecture series will give you the invaluable benefit of Andy Armstrong's hands on experience.

Action Directors
Stunt Coordinators
Directors of Photography
Camera Operators
Writers &  Editors
                                 Visual Effects Supervisors                                                              Special Effects Supervisors                                  Camera Car Drivers and Camera Car Company Operators
Grips Specializing in Vehicle and Action Movie Rigging
Assistant Directors
On Set Safety (Medics, Insurance Representatives and Studio                                        Safety Representatives)                                     Stunt Vehicle Preparation Specialists


Defining Movie Action Lecture

An information packed two hour lecture with Andy Armstrong including an open forum question and answer period

Seminar I- One Day Intensive

A fully customized, eight hour, one day Intensive Seminar on design and execution techniques of creating action in movies.  Additional Speakers Available 

Seminar II-2 Days/ Additional Speakers

A two day intensive analysis of action movie making process in practical terms with Andy Armstrong and Visual Effects Specialist Adam Howard and /or Stunt Performer Jennifer Caputo 

Please CONTACT us for details and availability

Andy Armstrong has lectured to great reception at the following venues

New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California

Columbia University School of the Arts New York, NY

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, California  

Suvretta House Hotel St Moritz, Switzerland (poster on right)

Annual Action Icon Conference Los Angeles, CA